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Week 2: What was the one piece of clothing that was most helpful or convenient when you were recovering?

The most commented choice was clothing with drain holders. Built-in pockets held their drains and prevented them from hanging or falling out.

One woman suggested drain aprons that can be worn with any clothing. Post-op vests were also used by some to secure drains and provide support and compression.

Front-closing apparel was another popular recommendation. Options with buttons or zippers in the front kept women from having to lift their arms or reach behind their back, making it easy to dress on their own.

“The Brobe” was suggested as a great choice to wear around the house. One woman said this robe was helpful because of its interior drain pockets and built-in, front-closing bra.

Many women wore loose-fitting clothes during recovery. Options like roomy shirts and stretchy pants or skirts allowed for movement and comfort while being gentle on incisions and sensitive skin.

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