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Best Breast Reconstruction Surgeons in South Carolina

Direct to Implant Breast Reconstruction

During Direct to Implant (DTI) breast reconstruction, implants are placed during the same operation as a mastectomy. This procedure immediately restores the structure and volume of the breast without the need for additional surgeries. While tissue expander placement is an option for most women, a smaller number of patients can safely undergo single-staged DTI reconstruction.

At The Center for Natural Breast Reconstruction, we understand that choosing a reconstructive breast surgeon specialist is an important decision, and we take pride in providing our patients with high-quality care and results. Our experienced surgeons will work with you to determine if DTI reconstruction is the best option for you.

DTI reconstruction is a safe and effective procedure that can help you regain your natural look and feel. If you're searching for an exceptional breast reconstruction surgeon in your area, look no further than The Center for Natural Breast Reconstruction. Get in touch with us today to discover more about your options and start your journey toward feeling like yourself again.


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Direct to Implant Reconstruction & tissue expansion

Who Is A Good Candidate for DTI?

Direct to Implant (DTI) breast reconstruction (and, in some cases, tissue expansion) is an ideal option for many women who:

  • Have a skin-sparing or nipple-sparing mastectomy: These conservative surgical techniques remove the breast tissue while leaving enough skin to adequately cover and support the implant. The type of mastectomy performed depends on specific factors (i.e., cancer stage and development or placement, size, and/or kind of tumor).
  • Have a smaller breast size before surgery: After the breast tissue is removed from within large and/or drooping breasts, the excessive amount of remaining skin can make performing DTI reconstruction difficult. Insufficient blood flow to this skin often increases the risk of postoperative complications.
  • Want a similar breast size after reconstruction: There is often enough skin remaining after mastectomy to cover an implant that is the same size as or slightly smaller or larger than the original breast. Tissue expanders will likely be needed to achieve a significantly larger breast size after reconstruction. For substantially smaller breasts, a mastopexy or breast reduction may be needed to remove excess skin.
  • Have not had radiation therapy before mastectomy: When radiation therapy is used to treat breast cancer, it also damages the treated area. The injured skin loses elasticity and cannot stretch to accommodate the implant; the use of a tissue expander is required to create a tissue pocket for the implant.

When DTI reconstruction is performed, the surgeon first covers the implant with acellular dermal matrix (ADM) before inserting it into the breast pocket. ADM is a biologically derived surgical material used to reinforce the surrounding tissue and reduce the risk of certain complications, including implant rippling, implant displacement, and capsular contracture. The additional support provided by ADM also allows for pre-pectoral placement of the implant which preserves the chest muscle.

The decision whether to perform DTI breast reconstruction or tissue expander reconstruction is ultimately made during surgery based on the results of the mastectomy. DTI surgery requires vigorous blood supply to the skin immediately after mastectomy, so a tissue expander may be needed if the blood flow is inadequate.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the recovery time for a DTI breast reconstruction?

The recovery time for this surgery varies depending on the patient, but generally, our patients can return to their work and other daily activities within 1-2 weeks. However, we recommend our patients avoid any heavy lifting or other strenuous activity for about a month after their procedure.

How is DTI different from other types of breast reconstruction?

DTI allows for immediate reconstruction of the breast during the same surgery as a mastectomy. This technique uses a saline or silicone implant inserted directly into the breast pocket. Flap-based reconstructions like DIEP, GAP and PAP use tissue from elsewhere on the patient's body to recreate the breast during a separate procedure after a mastectomy.

Tissue expander reconstruction also requires two surgeries and multiple office visits to complete. The first surgery involves placing tissue expanders in the chest area. During each office visit after the initial surgery, the tissue expander is gradually filled with saline in order to stretch the skin enough to fit an implant. The second surgery involves exchanging the tissue expanders for breast implants.

DTI is an attractive option for women who want to avoid multiple surgeries and recover from their breast reconstruction as quickly as possible.

Can I choose my breast size after DTI breast reconstruction?

Our surgeons will work with you to select the right implant size based on your body shape and desired outcome. They will also discuss the various types of implants available and help you decide which is right for you. Our goal is to create natural looking results that feel comfortable to you.

However, if you want significantly larger or smaller breasts after your reconstruction, additional procedures may be needed. Your surgeon will be able to give you more details during your consultation.

How can I get started with the best breast surgeons near me?

Starting your journey with The Center for Natural Breast Reconstruction is as easy as picking up the phone or filling out our easy-to-use online form! Our experienced team will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have and help you book your consultation with one of our top breast reconstruction specialists today. Contact us now to get started!

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