At The Center for Natural Breast Reconstruction, we want to hear about your breast reconstruction journey! Every Tuesday during the month of October, we posted a question on our Facebook and Instagram pages for our followers to answer.

These answers can help women beginning breast reconstruction get advice from those who have already been through this experience. Plus, if they commented on this post, they had a chance to win a gift box!

Week 3: How did you prepare your home for your postoperative recovery time?

Every woman who commented this week said it’s essential to do prep work before surgery. With important tasks done beforehand, they were able to focus more on their health during recovery.

They prepared by cleaning the house, doing laundry, and buying groceries. Many women also prepared their resting area with pillows and their bedside with frequently used items and post-op supplies.

Because they had to take care of their personal wellbeing after surgery, many women focused on their family’s needs in advance. They prepped meals and helped with schoolwork, along with planning out housework and childcare assistance.

Another popular recommendation was purchasing a chair or bench to use for showering; this helped them rest and avoid direct water pressure while showering. One woman also installed a shower wand that made it easier to shower while sitting.

A woman said she removed everything she would need after surgery from high cabinets and shelves. She placed these items at a lower level and was able to easily access them by herself.

Reading blogs and talking with other women about their post-op experiences helped some figure out how to prepare before surgery.

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