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After a mastectomy, breast reconstruction surgery can help patients restore their natural shape and feel more like themselves again. However, a mastectomy severs the nerves that give feeling to the breast and nipple-areola complex, leaving patients with total or near-total loss of sensation.

Resensation is a groundbreaking procedure designed to help women undergoing breast reconstruction regain this lost sensation.

At the Center for Natural Breast Reconstruction in Charleston, SC, our team of experienced breast reconstruction specialists is dedicated to helping women regain their natural shape and sense of self after a mastectomy.

If you’re interested in exploring breast reconstruction options, contact us to learn more about how Resensation could help.


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Reconstruction & Resensation™ Surgeons in Mt. Pleasant, SC

How Does Resensation™ Work?

The nerve fibers in the breast and nipple-areola complex act as little messengers and transmit the electrical signals to the brain that allow us to perceive sensation. When breast tissue is removed during a mastectomy, these nerves are severed, along with our ability to feel stimuli like touch, pressure, temperature, pain, and vibration.

Resensation aims to repair the severed nerve with a nerve allograft. This donor nerve tissue serves as a bridge to connect the two ends of the damaged nerve. Microsurgical techniques are employed to perform precise and delicate suturing.

Once the nerve ends are successfully bridged, the body's natural healing processes take over. Nerve cells begin to regenerate and grow along the nerve graft, and over time, the regenerated nerve fibers gradually restore functional connections and reestablish communication to the brain, allowing you to once again feel sensation in your reconstructed breast.

At the Center for Natural Breast Reconstruction, our surgeons are highly trained in the delicate art of Resensation. We specialize in helping women reclaim their natural shape and feeling after a mastectomy, and take pride in providing compassionate care that helps our patients feel whole again.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for sensation to return after Resensation™?

After your Resensation breast reconstruction, your nerves will start to grow and heal, eventually resulting in feeling returning to your breast area. It typically takes several months for your nerves to start regaining feeling, and the feelings can continue to develop up to two years after the procedure.

Can I get Resensation™ surgery with implants?

Resensation is not currently available to patients undergoing breast reconstruction with implants. Because implants are artificial and do not contain nerves, they are unable to provide the necessary sensation for Resensation. Patients interested in this procedure should consider natural tissue reconstruction, like the DIEP flap procedure.

Will my insurance cover Resensation™ surgery?

At the Center for Natural Breast Reconstruction, we're proud to accept insurance plans for most major providers in our area. Thanks to the Women’s Health and Cancer Rights Act (WHCRA), most group insurance plans that cover mastectomies are also required to cover breast reconstruction surgery, which happens at the same time as Resensation.

However, it is important to ask your insurance provider if they recognize and cover Resensation surgery, as not all insurance companies are up to date with the latest procedures. Our staff is happy to provide any additional information that you or your insurance provider may need in order to receive coverage.

How can I get started with the best reconstructive breast surgeons near me?

Starting your journey with the Center for Natural Breast Reconstruction is as easy as picking up the phone or filling out our easy-to-use online form! Our experienced team is happy to answer any questions and help book your consultation with one of our top breast reconstruction specialists. Contact us to get started!

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