As a breast cancer survivor and a nurse of 20 years, Tara Williamson understands the importance of realistic, dependable breast reconstruction results. She believes that every woman should have the opportunity to know their options. As a result, she’s dedicated herself for the past seven years to providing an essential part of the post-mastectomy experience: specialized 3D areola complex tattooing.   At the age of 39, Tara was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a bilateral mastectomy and immediate tissue expander breast reconstruction. After her final stage of reconstruction and nipple reconstruction surgery, the next step was areola tattooing.   After an unsuccessful search in her area for a nipple tattooing expert, she settled for the tattooing service offered at her plastic surgeon’s office. Without a specialized tattooing professional, she received only three unrealistic color options, underwent an excruciating procedure, and left feeling incredibly unhappy with her results.   As she left the tattooing appointment, she realized what she needed to do to help other survivors like herself. She left her nursing career and went on to start Pink Ink Tattoo in 2014.   Pink Ink Tattooing specializes in 3D areola complex tattooing that is uniquely designed for every client. From the MRI safe tattoo ink formulated for breast cancer survivors to the unique color mixed during the appointment, every detail of the tattooing process is specifically tailored to give each individual a comfortable experience they can trust.   Along with achieving personalized and natural-looking results, Tara also focuses on the safety of each tattooing session. She explained, “As a nurse of 20 years, I understand the medical aspect and risk of every procedure we survivors go through, so my first concern is being proactive with preventing infection while offering my specialized 3D areola tattooing service.”   Because the radiation and scarring from mastectomies and reconstruction create compromised tissue that is difficult to tattoo safely and effectively, she has learned how to expertly apply ink to this area to deliver positive results. Tara cares deeply about each of her clients, and she is devoted to making them feel beautiful and confident in their own skin.   Tara never wants anyone to go through the experience she endured, so she emphasizes the importance of knowing that there are breast reconstruction options out there for every woman. She also believes it is essential to reach out to family, friends, and the breast cancer community for guidance and love during your journey.   “Ask questions and know that there are options,” she said. “Get a second or third opinion if you need to. Let your voice be heard with your doctors and your areola artist. This is your body, your life, and it should be your choice.”   Tara performs tattooing at many plastic surgery offices in North Carolina, Mississippi, and Texas.  She is available to our patients through her affiliation with Amelia Aesthetics in Raleigh, N.C.

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