In the wake of her breast cancer diagnosis, Jennifer Morris turned to living a more holistic lifestyle and dedicating her passion to providing a healthier home for herself and her family.   Jennifer has always loved finding any excuse to spend time in nature and extend her kindness to the earth, and after her diagnosis in 2018, she decided to bring this mindset inside of her home. One of the most significant changes she made was to get rid of the toxins and chemicals from common household products and replace them with organically made options.   “After having cancer, it is even more important to have the healthiest home I can,” she explains. “Reducing the toxic chemical load in our bodies by replacing products, such as synthetic antiperspirants and household cleaners, has allowed me to purify the air in my home while making me feel confident that I am doing my best to stay healthy.”   Throughout her breast cancer and natural reconstruction journey, she has trusted essential oils to cleanse her home and body of artificial impurities that could impair her physical and emotional healing.   [video width="368" height="656" mp4=""][/video]   While essential oils have grown in popularity recently, they have been used as a form of alternative therapy for centuries. Jennifer learned about the benefits of these natural remedies and decided to learn how to correctly use them to support her mind and body during this overwhelming time in her life. Jennifer has also used her survivorship and knowledge of essential oils to share her story and support those around her. She has committed herself to educating others about essential oils and how they have helped purify her home safely and effectively. She feels blessed to be able to help other women stay happy and healthy during uncertain times. Jennifer believes in the power of love, education, and encouragement for those battling breast cancer. She feels stronger and braver than she ever imagined she could with the help of her loved ones and the essential oils she utilized to help her during and after her breast cancer journey. “I want others to know they aren't alone in this journey. Having cancer is an overwhelming experience, but there are things that can help ease the stress and anxiety. I want to be a friend to everyone, and I want them to know they don't have to do this alone.”   Jennifer encourages you to chat with her before investing in essentials oils so she can act as your guide to what may best help you. Her contact information is:   Jennifer Morris - Young Living Essential Oils Email: Instagram: jennifermorris_survivor Facebook: Jennifer Middleton Morris Facebook education group: Linktree: (info on how oils work and what they are)   **The information included in this post should be used for reference purposes only. Always check with your healthcare providers before using alternative treatments, including essential oils. **