Did you know having a good, hard laugh helps you live a longer life? That’s right. Laughing has tons of health benefits. [Spoiler alert: some of the benefits might help you look younger, too!] After reading the list below, we have a feeling you’ll be calling your friends to get together for some laughs!

Laughing Reduces Stress

When you have a good chuckle, your stress response minimizes, and your muscles relax. In the long term, this means it’s important to laugh a lot. If you can reduce stress by laughing every day, you may have the chance to reduce your risk for stress-related illnesses such as heart disease.

Laughing Tones Your Abs

That’s right. Laugh yourself to a nice set of six-pack abs. When you laugh, you’re actually working your abdomen by expanding and contracting those muscles. Hence the ole’ phrase, “having a good belly laugh.”

Laughing Releases Endorphins

Since laughing is such a physical activity, endorphins are actually released in our brains. These endorphins are a natural “feel-good” chemical our bodies produce. Endorphins have a plethora of health benefits, including mental health and stress release.

Laughing Relieves Pain

According to the Scientific American, the endorphins released when we laugh can be a natural painkiller as well.  When we laugh, our brains have the capability to ignore pain because endorphins are being released. Aren’t our bodies fascinating?!

Laughing Improves Your Immune System

According to the Mayo Clinic, negative thoughts create a chemical reaction that leads to stress and poor health. In contrast, when you have positive, pleasant thoughts, neuropeptides are released in your brain, which help fight stress. Since stress and lack of sleep increase your chances of illness, laughing actually helps keep you from getting sick!

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