After breast reconstruction, there is a lot to do in order to keep yourself healthy, so it’s important to think ahead! Making a thorough recovery plan can help you heal as comfortably as possible, and an essential part of this plan is figuring out what to wear after surgery.   While the clothes you pick should be practical, they can still make you feel beautiful and confident throughout your recovery; you just have to choose wisely!   First, it’s important to look at the fabrics you wear. Certain textures can be restricting and irritating to sensitive skin and incision lines. Instead, choose soft and stretchy options made of natural materials like bamboo or modal fabric. These choices are gentle and less structured to allow for more movement and comfort.   Options that open to the front, such as wrap and button down styles, are also essential for post-op care. With limited range of motion after surgery, these choices are helpful during post-op visits and at home because they keep you from having to do motions like lift your arms or reaching behind your back.   The Kara Dress from AnaOno is a wrap dress that is designed to keep you comfortable and stylish during recovery. Made of natural, relaxed fabric, this dress can be wrapped in both directions for a customized fit that avoids sensitive areas, and it includes a drain management belt that can be attached to interior belt loops.   Surgical drain management is a big part of recovery after reconstruction, so it’s important to wear clothing that can hold your drains. There are clothing brands that make items like shirtscamisoles, cardigans, and shawls that have built-in drain pockets.   For a while after surgery, you aren't able to wear bras that have underwire or regular back closures. However, there are still options that are both function and fashionable! Lingerie brands like AnaOno and Slick Chicks design bras for all women, including those who have undergone natural reconstruction.They make wireless, front closure options for recovery that are supportive, stylish, and comfortable.   Before surgery, make it a part of your plan to find the right clothing for your recovery. Your wellbeing is so important, so use these tips to feel comfortable while you are healing!