We’ve found so many different types of great fitness equipment that we had to share them with you. All of them will help you increase strength, get in shape, and feel better. Any sporting goods store or website will have a range of equipment. Pick your favorite and start! Fitness ballsThese fun PVC plastic balls give you a total body workout, and simply sitting on them while working and watching TV will strengthen your core (abdominals and lower back) and stretch your muscles. Look for a burst-resistant ball that comes with its own pump and a DVD or booklet outlining exercises. Fitness balls come in different sizes and are gauged by the user’s height, so be sure to read the packaging or website information before buying. When you sit on the fully inflated ball, your knees should be bent at a 90-degree angle—if they aren’t, move up or down one size. If you’re heavy for your height, you may need to go one ball size bigger, or if you’re very light, you may need one size smaller. Medicine balls Medicine balls are smaller than fitness balls, and they’re weighted to help you improve strength in your hands, arms, core, and legs. Use them as an alternative to weights, or simply play catch with them. These bouncy balls come in a wide variety of sizes and are typically made of rubber for easy grip. Resistance cables Also known as toning cables, toning tubes, or resistance tubes, resistance cables are a convenient, inexpensive alternative to free weights or machines. Typically made of latex or rubber, they have handle grips, and you can use more than one to increase the resistance. Many are versatile enough to strengthen any area of your body, depending on how they’re used. Jump ropeStill as fun as they were when you were a kid, a jump rope gives you a cardio workout with a twist: the handles hold weights to help you strengthen and tone your arms, shoulders, and back. Wobble boards and stability discs Much like the fitness balls, these flat boards and rounded discs help you strengthen your upper and lower body while improving your stamina, stability, and balance. Wobble boards are typically used during yoga or Pilates work to strengthen your core and legs. Stability discs can be used sitting, kneeling, lying, or standing, and you have the option of inflating them to your desired size. Have you tried any of these fitness helpers, and how did you like them?