Stressful scenarios come in all shapes and sizes. Whether it be an argument with a friend or coworker, a health crisis, a public speaking engagement, or money issues, the list can go on and on... One fact of life is that stressors are always present. If we can find tried and true techniques that help us handle these stressful situations in a more calming, graceful manner, our overall quality of life could increase dramatically. That’s not to say we won’t occasionally have a screaming meltdown in the car every now and then, but maybe we can make an effort for those tantrums to happen less frequently. Below are 6 techniques to help you calm yourself in stressful scenarios:

Identify the stressor

There are many times when we’re upset and don’t truly identify what the stressor is that’s causing this reaction. Maybe you snap at your significant other, when really you are mad at your mom for an argument you had earlier. The first step to reacting calmly to stress is to identify what the real issue is.

Sleep on it

This old adage proves true time and time again. Don’t make any rash decisions or comments until after a good night’s sleep. This gives you the opportunity to lower your blood pressure and think about the entire situation.

Make a plan of action

A lot of stress is built up from simply not knowing how you’re going to overcome a stressful scenario. Sitting down and coming up with a written down plan of how to tackle the issue at hand will help relieve a great deal of tension.

Find your “go to” ways to relax

Everyone has his or her own ways to relax. For some it’s cleaning, for others it’s taking a bubble bath, and some like to go for a run. If you haven’t found your favorite relaxation technique, try a few things out and monitor how you feel afterwards.

Write down everything you’re grateful for

Sometimes we get caught up in the minute details (okay, all the time). If we could just take a step back and see all the amazing things in our lives, a lot of that stress would seem so trivial. Take a few minutes when you’re feeling worked up to write down each and every thing you’re grateful for in your life. Better yet—save that list on your phone to look at the next time you’re feeling overwhelmed.

Talk to someone you trust

Sometimes just being able to talk about what’s stressing you out with an unbiased party can help you relieve some tension. Having someone you trust that is a good listener who you can talk your problems out with is sometimes the biggest stress reliever of all.

Try these techniques out and let us know if they helped you relieve stress!