Q: I am a former patient of Dr. Craigie - I had a DIEP and GAP a few years ago, and just saw your Facebook post about ReSensation. Not sure if I would be a candidate, but I might be interested in this, depending on what's involved and if insurance would cover.

A: Hi! Great to hear from you! Currently, the only way Resensation is done is at the time of the DIEP or GAP flap procedure. The reason is that the sensory nerves that travel through the DIEP or GAP flap tissue are connected to the breast nerves at the time the breast is removed or when the flap is done. That allows the nerve cells to grow back through the flap nerves and into the breast or flap skin. I am sorry I can’t give you better news but if we make progress perhaps in the future we could find a solution to your situation. Thank you so much for asking. Questions like yours keep us looking for answers! Let me know if you have more questions. Hope you and your family are well!

Dr. James Craigie