Question: I was a C cup before my double mastectomy. Now I have my expanders in and have received 340 cc of saline. How much do I need to get to a Full C cup. What will the finished surgery look like. I hear you look smaller than your expanders. I’m also going with silicone implant if that helps. Answer: Thank you for your question. Bra sizes are hard to predict. When I am planning reconstruction with my patients we discuss what size they are before mastectomy and what they would desire to be after reconstruction. We work toward those goals based on the circumstances of each individual. When the mastectomy is done we weigh the removed tissue. That gives us the information we need to work toward a given bra size or result. If using an implant or expander we pick the size based on  the volume. If you don’t have that information it’s ok because while you are having your expander filled gradually you can communicate with your surgeon how you feel about the size and how close you are to the bra size you desire. I hope I answered your question. Dr. Craigie CNBR