Q: Hello, I am a breast cancer survivor with a double mastectomy. I had implants and I’m not satisfied with the outcome. My insurance probably won’t cover getting them redone. How much is the basic cost?

Gail: Oh, that’s not good. Why won’t they consider a revision?

Q: My insurance has changed since then.

Gail: That should not matter at all. If the insurance you currently have covers reconstruction then they will cover revision. Implants are not a permanent solution and insurance companies know that they will need to be replaced and often become misshapen and painful for the patient.

Q: I have never checked to see if it’s covered. It’s been four years.

Gail: If you’d like to share what insurance it is, I might have some experience with that company to give you advice.

Q: I have Cigna.

Gail: Medical Necessity would have to be established but Cigna should cover a revision for you since they were placed after a mastectomy and if you are having problems. You could also convert to a permanent natural tissue reconstruction through Cigna.

We're in network with them and have numerous patients who have undergone revisions.

Let me know if you have any questions….you are welcome to email directly at glanter@ecplasticsurgery.com or call 843-849-8418 to discuss your situation in detail.

Gail Lanter, CPC