Q: My sister had breast cancer and is about to have a mastectomy. She is confused about which implant is safest: saline, silicone, or her own fat.

A: Hello! Thanks for reaching out to us through our website chat. Here is information on which implants were taken off of the market last year and the reasons why.


The risk with any implant reconstruction includes capsular contracture and implant failure. A capsule is the formation of a shell of scar around an implant – the body’s natural response to a foreign object. The problem arises when the scar gets very thick, squeezes the implant, causes pain, and disfigures the implant reconstruction. Statistics indicate there is a likelihood that implant reconstructions may eventually need to be

revised. The FDA provides this guidance on their website “Breast implants are not lifetime devices… (read more below)


Our practice specializes in reconstruction without artificial implants. It’s a permanent solution and works well for most women who are good candidates for the surgery. We’re happy to answer questions about that method if you would like.

You’re a good sister for reaching out to get info! Have a great day.

Gail Lanter, CPC