Q: I had breast cancer surgery (lumpectomy) and radiation in 2008. My right breast is slightly smaller with a small indention scar. I am interested in possibly having breast reconstruction/reduction surgery to improve the appearance of my breasts. Just researching at this point to see what my options are. A: Operating on a lumpectomized/radiated breast entails a much higher than average risk of complications, especially wound healing problems, so a mainstay of gaining symmetry often involves doing surgery on the other breast, usually reduction or lift. Having said this, it is nonetheless sometimes possible to do fairly limited revisions on the radiated breast with the goal of at least improving irregularities. Placing a small breast implant in the radiated side to make up lost volume may seem like a good idea, but in practice, it can be very difficult to get the implant to stay in the position where it is really needed. Additionally, risks of infection and capsular contracture (hardening) are significant.