fruit pileHave you ever heard that wearing a bra with underwire increases your chances of breast cancer? According to, this has been totally debunked by the scientific community. There are a lot of myths about what does and doesn’t cause cancer. That’s why we’re sharing 5 ways that the Mayo Clinic has listed as being proven to decrease the risk of breast cancer—and every slight decrease counts!

1.    Exercise Often

Yeah, yeah. Exercise seems to be the answer to everything. But we’re serious. Breaking a sweat will help boost your immune system to fight off cancer cells.

2.    Lower Alcohol Consumption

Limit your alcohol intake to 1 drink. Research has shown that drinking 2 or more drinks increases the risk of breast cancer by 21%. However, according to Women’, grape juice contains properties to help decrease your risk of cancer—just think of it as drinking unfermented wine!

3.    Be Weight Conscious

Being overweight increases your risk for cancer substantially. By staying fit you are able to boost your immune system and lower your levels of estrogen and insulin.

4.    Breast-Feed

According to Dr. Debbie Saslow from the American Cancer Society, some studies suggest that breast-feeding may offer a slight chance of protection against breast cancer.

5.    Limit Use of Hormone Therapy

Long-term use of hormone therapy can increase the risk of a cancer diagnosis. If you are currently taking hormones, ask your doctor about nonhormonal therapies that are available. Consult your doctor if you observe any changes or lumps in your breasts. If you have a family history of breast cancer, meet with your doctor to talk more about preventative measures.

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