With how busy the holiday season can be, we often forget about planning for the coming year. However, if breast reconstruction is part of your 2021 plan, starting as early in the year as possible will allow you to choose premium dates and may have some financial benefits as well. Here at The Center for Natural Breast Reconstruction (CNBR), we are ready to help you successfully navigate your personal journey through breast reconstruction in 2021. Here are some tips: Schedule Early: Scheduling early in the year benefits both you and your breast reconstruction provider. The sooner you set up your surgical plan with us, the sooner we will be able to help you begin your restorative experience. You’ll be able to choose dates and times that fit best for you, your family, and your caregiver. At the CNBR, we want to work with your schedule to set up your reconstructive journey. When you begin planning your surgery dates early, there are more dates available, and you will be able to schedule your full surgical series promptly and easily. We typically schedule staged breast reconstruction surgeries three months apart, so setting dates at the onset of the year means you can finish your surgical series within the year. Consider Finances:  Arranging your schedule for breast reconstruction at the beginning of the year can help you manage your finances responsibly. Most insurance deductibles and out of pocket maximums run on a calendar year, which can you save money on your surgeries overall. That means if you schedule your staged procedures early and meet your requirements once for the year, you won’t have to pay these amounts again for subsequent surgeries performed during the same deductible year. Take Advantage of Discounted Travel: With these dates already on your calendar at the start of the year, you can begin booking accommodations and flights for your surgery dates in advance, saving yourself time and money. Rates are lowest in Charleston during the first few months of the year, especially on our beautiful area beaches. https://www.charlestoncvb.com/ Your breast reconstruction experience is important to us, and making the call to start talking through your options is the first step on this journey. Contact us at the CNBR to set up your consultation, in person or via telemedicine, and let us walk with you into the New Year!