It’s SO hard to wait! -for pathology report or test results -to be done with chemo / radiation -to be done with breast reconstruction That moment when you’re finally done with treatment and breast reconstruction is so exciting! The next thought is to get nipples and you’ll be completely done with it all and able to feel “normal” again. Sounds so simple, but a good nipple solution can be frustratingly elusive. If you are planning to have a permanent option like nipple tattoos or surgical nipple reconstruction, you might get the news that you need to wait at least 3 to 6 months for tissue to settle. That can feel like forever to have to look in the mirror and see a “blank slate” or lopsided chest. We never knew how important our nipples were before we lost them, did we?

But wait…you CAN have nipples much sooner!

Naturally Impressive nipple prosthesis can provide affordable silicone nipples that look incredibly real and stay on securely. Some nipple prosthetics can’t be worn in the shower and you need to take them off every night. Even nipple prosthetics that cost a couple hundred dollars may only stay on a couple days at a time and then might fall off unpredictably. So embarrassing! Naturally Impressive nipples become your new body image through showering, intimacy, and even swimming for an average of 2 weeks per application (individual variations). In addition to providing an experience of feeling whole again, the wide selection of colors and features helps you create a 3D simulation of your desired nipple reconstruction goal to show your tattoo artist and/or MD. You might have clear expectations of what you want, but how do you communicate that? They aren’t mind readers, but “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Because it’s really hard to tell color on a computer monitor, Naturally Impressive offers you one free exchange, to adjust model and/or color, within two weeks of receiving your new prosthetic nipples. It’s fun to see how often that one exchange can help you fine tune and give you confidence about nipples that feel just right for you. If you already have tattoos, Naturally Impressive nipples can be worn over tattoos when you want some extra “perk” / dimension. Please check with your tattoo artist first as skin dyes and process varies. Like this client, you may find you like your Naturally Impressive nipples so much they become your long term solution. “I decided against the nipple reconstruction. I’m afraid I won’t like them and then I’ll be stuck! I’m so happy with my Naturally Impressive nipples that I figure why bother?” Free Naturally Impressive nipple demo and brochures are available to MDs / Nurse Navigators upon request. Randi Johnson is a nurse, breast cancer survivor and co-founder of Naturally Impressive, LLC. Her innovative husband developed Naturally Impressive nipples for her after her unilateral mastectomy in 2007.

A Personal Note About Naturally Impressive Nipple Prosthesis

The Naturally Impressive nipple samples were sent to me by Randi Johnson so I could see them, hold them, and get a firsthand look at this product. Although I had nipple sparing mastectomy followed by DIEP flap breast reconstruction after my own breast cancer diagnosis, these are nipple prosthesis I would order myself. I hear from other members of my Facebook group who have ordered them. They have written me personally and expressed how pleased they have been with the product. Additionally, I have received feedback from board certified plastic surgeons who have received the product and are happy to present them to patients for their consideration. Content provided by: Naturally Impressive, LLC


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