This coming Sunday is one of our favorite holidays…Mother’s Day. We certainly hope you have something special planned for the lady who changed your stinky diapers and smiled all throughout your various “phases.” If you’re hanging out around Charleston, there are plenty of fun things to do with mom. Before we list a few ideas, it’s important to remember why this special lady deserves to be celebrated. #1 Mom wants you to be happy. In fact, she’s dedicated a large part of her life to making you happy, and she’s sacrificed a lot. So dedicate this day to putting a smile on her face. #2 Mom is underappreciated. Really, you can never to do enough for your mama. She did give you life after all. #3 Mom gave up a lot. Before you (and maybe your siblings) were born, your mom had much more free time. Even though you’ve flown the coop, mom still spends so much of her time thinking about your well-being. #4 Mom deserves all the love she can get. Not to get sad, but our time is short on this earth. Let’s show the people we care about that we acknowledge and honor them. Now that being said, where are you going to take this extra special lady? We at The Center for Natural Breast Reconstruction have a few ideas:

Friday, May 6 – Tuesday, May 29: Rock of Ages

You know deep down that mom’s a rock-and-roller. Well, if she’s more of the Beethoven type, we promise that she’ll still have a grand time during a performance of Rock of Ages. This play features the hit songs from a cornucopia of artists—Journey, Foreigner, Styx, Twisted Sister, Bon Jovi and more. Even if the music doesn’t do it, the story will. Featured at the Woolfe Street Playhouse and nominated for a Tony award, this play follows the story of a young woman set out to achieve her dreams. Mom will love it! Grab your tickets to Rock of Ages.(opens in a new tab)

Saturday, May 7: North Charleston Arts Festival

If your mom is a Charleston aficionado or a lover of the arts, this festival is the perfect opportunity. Though the last day of the North Charleston Arts Festival is the day before Mother’s Day, you all will still have an awesome time. (In fact, it makes a great “pre-gift!”) The history of this event alone is worth a look-see. According to our Charleston mayor R. Keith Summey: “As Mayor of the City of North Charleston, I am excited to welcome you to the 34th Annual North Charleston Arts Fest. From humble beginnings as a half-day community celebration at Park Circle, the event has matured into one of the most comprehensive arts festivals in South Carolina featuring nine full days of free and ticketed programming throughout the City.” “We look forward to this event each year as it allows both residents and visitors access to the talents of local, regional, and national artists in the areas of performing, visual, media, and literary arts.” That sounds like a fun time, right? Take mom out for a pre-Mother’s Day celebration! Click here for more info on the North Charleston Arts Festival(opens in a new tab).

Tell us about your mom in the comments below! We want to hear your stories.