Knowledge is Power: Use What You Learn to Help Someone Else

There is no proof of who was the first to say, “Knowledge is power,” but one thing is clear -- whoever said it was right.

Think about something that you learned about, but didn’t need until a different time of your life. For example, maybe in school, you learned how to do CPR, and you kept that knowledge in your memory until one day someone next to you was choking in a restaurant. Knowledge is power. Or perhaps you knew the signs and symptoms of a stroke because you read them in a magazine somewhere, and when your grandpa showed signs that something was wrong, your quick action saved his life. Knowledge is power.

Think of our website as a magazine about breast cancer and reconstruction procedures. You can scroll through the pages and read about reconstructing breasts after

mastectomies, as well as nipple tattooing and pages upon pages of valuable information, from what to pack for the hospital to how surgery will or will not affect intimacy and so much more.

Perhaps one day, you might talk to someone -- your mother, aunt, sister, friend or co-worker -- who was just diagnosed with breast cancer tells you they have to have a mastectomy. They are confused and don’t know where to turn. Knowledge is power. You can point them to our website and the blog and share what you have learned. You can help them dissect the information because they are going through so much, and it’s nice to have someone who can help them understand all of the material in front of them.

Maybe they have a question they need answered. You can help them search the website and our Frequently Asked Questionssection to help them find the answer or read the Q & A: Ask the Doctor columns, where patients write in to get answers to what’s on their minds. Check out the gallery too because sometimes all someone needs is a photo to help them to understand what they will experience.

You can also encourage them to sign up for our email newsletter, or you can sign up, so you’re kept up-to-date on new blog posts, upcoming announcements and news. Feel free to bookmark the website so you can also refer to it at a later date.

When someone is going through a serious health crisis, they might be scared and confused and could benefit from another person helping to navigate all of the information that’s out there. So make a cup of tea and sit back, scroll through our pages and reach out if you have any questions. One day you just might use the information you have read to help a friend or loved one to get through a difficult time in their life. Knowledge is power.