The below question comes all the way from Australia, and is answered by Charleston breast surgeon Dr. James Craigie ofThe Center for Natural Breast Reconstruction(opens in a new tab)!6 weeks after surgery(opens in a new tab) I had a leak a long my stitches all bright yellow came out when that stopped a week after my scar further round swelled and it started leaking from there. Thats stopping now, is this normal? Will it keep happening, and I think my breast seems to be going smaller? Hello, It depends on the type of surgery you had. Drainage from incisions 6 weeks from surgery could be related to  incision healing(opens in a new tab). If the incision healed without problems and then the drainage occurred it could be a reaction to stitches or from a collection of fluid underneath that is working its way out. Your description might suggest liquefied fat is working its way out. If it is coming from the breast it may stop on its own or could require a procedure(opens in a new tab) to remove all of it. Make you sure you check with your surgeon to make sure there is no infection. I hope this helps answer your question. James Craigie, MD Center For Natural Breast Reconstruction

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