So you haven’t been getting enough zzzz’s lately…and it’s starting to take its toll where it shows the most: your eyes.

Don’t despair! While you work on righting your sleep schedule, you can still look remarkably well-rested with these eye-opening makeup tricks:

Color Me Awake Dark circles are the bane of the sleepless. Combat yours with a little concealer under the eyes, blending it in the corners and the dark areas on the sides of your nose. Be sure to set the concealer with a little powder so it keeps looking fresh and finished all day long.

Line It Up Nothing makes your eyes pop more than the illusion of more white around your iris. Try lining the inner rims of your lower lash lines with a flesh-colored pencil to give your eyes more openness.If your beauty regime usually calls for colored eyeliner, be sure to only lightly line the top lash and leave the lower lashline with only the flesh-colored liner.

Brighten and Shine Blend a matte skin-toned shadow over your lids, and then dust a shimmer version of the shade just beneath brows. The shimmer eyeshadow helps reflect the light, giving the illusion of brighter eyes.

Finish the Look Skip the mascara-loaded lashes that weigh down the openness of your eyes, and opt for a more natural lashline instead. Use any mascara that promises a natural or light look, sweep on two coats.

Finish your face with a touch of highlighting powder on your T-zone. Just like the shimmery eyeshadow, this helps reflect the light and brightens up your face on days you need the boost most. Now get out there and show the world a healthy, more alert version of yourself!

What are some makeup tricks you use to look bright-eyed in the early mornings?