While getting into shape is essential for your wellbeing, it can often be expensive. But, did you know that you could already have access to an affordable way to meet your fitness goals effectively? Many insurance companies offer policies that include health assistance for their members. Through your insurance plan, you may be eligible for resources, including advice, discounts, and individualized help, that can provide support for your wellness journey. Companies such as Aetna, Cigna, Humana, MedCost, and UnitedHealthcare, don't just protect your financial wellbeing; they also aim to go above and beyond by helping you stay healthy. Aetna offers discounts and rebates on select gym memberships and wellness services, such as yoga classes, nutrition assistance, and fitness equipment. Along with these perks, they provide personalized care with access to health coaching and programs, as well as a 24/7 health hotline. Through your Apple Watch, you can also use the Attain by Aetna app to set a personalized fitness plan based on your health history and gain rewards for your accomplishments. With Cigna, you have access to wellness support using their Cigna Wellbeing and myCigna apps. The Cigna Wellbeing app allows you to manage your health from anywhere with virtual access to certified experts. The myCigna app also contributes added benefits to your fitness experience by providing awards when you track and achieve your goals. Humana's Go365 wellness and rewards program aims to help you live a more active and empowered life. This program helps you set and reach your wellness goals while earning rewards, providing the tools and support you need to create and continue healthy habits. MedCost’s Fitness Center Network gives you access to over 9,500 fitness centers from across the United States for just $25 a month, and their MyCarePath system provides a convenient way to manage your health, calculate your fitness levels, and log your activity. UnitedHealthcare has an extensive amount of health and wellness information on the website, providing a convenient way to receive helpful guidance on many topics involving fitness and nutrition. The UnitedHealthcare app also allows you to track your activity and get personalized care from anywhere. With the help of your insurance plan, your wellness goals can be easier to achieve than you think! Connect with your insurance company to determine what services you are eligible for and get started on your fitness journey in a more cost-efficient and beneficial way.