Chances are you’ve heard the saying, “Beauty is more than skin deep.” It’s a phrase that we hope you take to heart; however, we know that uncontrollable life circumstances, such as a battle with breast cancer(opens in a new tab), can affect the way you view yourself. This is especially true for women after a mastectomy. It’s no secret that many women find it difficult to cope with the major physical changes that occur after this type of surgery. Changes that, unfortunately, can lead to a negative body image and a decreased sense of personal beauty. We here at The Center for Natural Breast Reconstruction want to remind you that no matter what has happened in your life, you are a strong, powerful, and beautiful woman. Beauty IS more than skin deep. We hope you don’t ever forget the following qualities that make you beautiful both inside and out.


One of the most attractive qualities a woman can have is a fun, kind, loving, and positive personality. Show the world how beautiful you are by the way you act, speak, and relate to others. Just be you, and your radiance will certainly shine through. Put your positivity into action. For the next 7 days, write down the things in your life that you’re most grateful for. This list can include things like family, friends, pets, and hobbies. Reflect on those things every day.


Everyone is given special gifts and talents to share. These gifts make you special and unlike anyone else in the universe. It doesn’t matter if you’re a wonderful cook, a talented musician, or work well with children. You can use these gifts to make a beautiful impact on someone else’s life. What talents or skills have you been blessed with? List them out. Now think about the things you’ve been able to accomplish because of those gifts. Start a journal and write about your accomplishments on a daily basis. It’s also fun to think about how you can impact someone else with your talents. Can you cook someone in need a meal, help tutor a child in school, or simply be a compassionate friend to someone in need? Write down a list of how you can use your gifts to brighten someone else’s day.


You can always find true beauty in the relationships you build with others. Don’t forget to look around at all of your friends and family who love and support you. They surely see beauty when they look back at you. Quality relationships take time and effort. If you’re able to, plan time during your week to get together with the ones you love. Go out to lunch, take a walk, or go grab coffee. If you’re unable to go out, pick up the phone, or write a handwritten thank-you card to show someone how much he or she is appreciated.

What qualities do you think makes a woman beautiful? Share them below!