We had such a great response to our Health Benefits of Avocados article this week, that our very own Dr. Richard M. Kline, Jr. decided to share his sensational guacamole recipe!  

The Best Guacamole

Note from Dr. Kline: 'Precise quantities of ingredients are not specified, because everyone’s taste is different.'


Ripe Haas avocados (forget the big green “water” avocados, no flavor) – should deform easily to touch, but not be mushy. If you can’t get proper ripe avocados, probably best to abandon guacamole for that day. Peel, remove pits, quarter. Onions, green or yellow, chopped fine Fresh garlic, peeled and crushed Fresh cilantro, chopped fine Fresh basil, chopped fine Olive oilGround cumin Lemon &/or lime juice, freshly squeezed SaltTabasco sauceRotel medium hot canned tomatoes. I usually use one can for (6-7) big avocados, but adjust as you like. You can use fresh tomatoes if they are good, but the Rotels are packed with flavor, and very reliable.


Put all the above in a mixing bowl. The proper consistency of the final product is important. I’ve found great success in first crushing the mixture with a Zyliss (opens in a new tab)potato masher. The wire “squiggles” almost magically crush the ingredients to a nearly-perfect consistency. If you want a little creamier mixture, you can then follow with a portable electric mixer until desired consistency is reached. I hate dirtying up a food processor or blender just to make guacamole, and this does a better job, anyway. My favorite chips are Garden of Eatin’(opens in a new tab) or Bearitos (opens in a new tab)blue corn chips. Yes, they have 7 grams of fat per serving, but the taste is unbeatable! Guiltless Gourmet baked blue corn chips are a healthier alternative, but the total culinary experience is not quite the same.


Stay tuned for Dr. Kline's salsa recipe later this season!