After breast cancer surgery and reconstruction, you won’t immediately be able to wear a regular bra. You will need one that is roomy and more comfortable to allow extra space for dressings and drainage tubes. If you can find one that has been designed to be adjustable that would be super helpful as you recover. You won’t be able to wear anything with an underwire, anything that feels tight, or rubs up against any incisions so choosing the right post-surgical bra is an important aspect in your recovery. There are many different brands to choose from and that can be overwhelming - and this is not a time that you need to be overwhelmed. So to help you out, we did some of the legwork and found a post-surgical bra that we highly recommend. This Masthead Elizabeth Pink Surgical Bra is a great choice for surgical breast cancer and reconstruction patients. That’s because it’s made from an ultra-soft fabric that minimizes the irritation on sensitive skin. At the same time, it provides your breasts with the support that they need and the right amount of compression as you heal. Since many bras hook in the back, it might be difficult to do that after you’ve had surgery. The Masthead Elizabeth Pink Surgical Bra closes in the front with soft Velcro® closures and shoulder releases, so it’s easy to put on and take off. The sides of the bra adjust so you do not have to worry about any crimping or pinching of your skin, especially when you are concerned about comfortably accommodating post-operative dressings and drains. The Masthead Elizabeth Pink Surgical Bra also comes with a bra pocket, which is a fabric pocket sewn into the inside of the bra to keep either a prosthesis in place or an ice pack if you need it. Finally, it is also important to provide support for your underarm, the axilla, on the side that you had your surgery. This area may be especially tender and bruised and a pillow can provide a much-needed soft cushioning. So Masthead also created the heart-shaped Axillapilla®, a soft pillow with a stretchy fabric that easily adjusts to whatever position you are sitting in. And when you have to cough or sneeze -- which can be painful after you have surgery -- Axillapilla provides that extra underpinning that you need to brace yourself. When you try on any bra -- but particularly a post-surgical one -- it’s important that it fits properly, is comfortable and provides for your needs. If you have questions or need additional advice about the right post-surgical bra, ask your surgeon or our support team at the Center for Natural Breast Reconstruction. For more information about the Masthead Elizabeth Pink Surgical Bra, go to: