The Historic Charleston City Market is not only a popular tourist spot, but it’s a favorite of locals too. It’s open 364 days per year, and the main entrance to Market Hall faces Meeting Street. As you wander through the large market, you’ll see vendors selling everything from arts and crafts to fragrances to sweetgrass baskets. You’ll also find plenty of food, drink, and live music.       In the spirit of promoting local artisans, we’ve included three vendors from each category, with contact information.   Arts & Crafts Julie Dunn Gallery Specialty: Fine Art Black & White Photography Phone Number: 843-312-4550 Email:   Accents of Charleston Specialty: Sculptures Phone Number: 843-224-0224 Email:   Artisan Switch plates Specialty: Handcrafted Products Phone Number: 843-486-0728 Email:   Children’s Clothing & Accessories Half-Pint Designs Specialty: Children’s Accessories Phone Number: 843-425-2395 Email:   Remilys of Charleston Specialty: Handmade Children’s Clothing Phone Number: 843-571-4783   V-Fashion Design Specialty: Children Accessories Phone Number: 843-532-5224 Email:   Clothing & Accessories Shirley’s at the Market Specialty: Clothing Phone Number: 843-577-7952 Email:   African Pride Specialty: Shoes Phone Number: 843-513-7216   Amazing Hair Wraps Specialty: Hair Wrap Products Phone Number: 843-834-2246 or 843-762-2968 Email:   Collectibles Ann’s Novelty Shop Specialty: Handpainted Collectibles Phone Number: 843-795-2705   Cardinal’s Publishing Specialty: Collectible Books Phone Number: (843) 670-2171 Email:   Charleston Collectibles Specialty: Baseball Cards Phone Number:  843-303-5096 Email:   Food Items and Products The Spice and The Spoon Company Specialty: Spice Blends Phone Number: 843-670-6440 Email:   Dolores’ Southern Delights Specialty: Candy Phone Number: 843-270-8925 Email:   Edna’s Lowcountry Specialty: Herbs & Spices Phone Number: 843-452-4599   Fragrances Judotus Perfume Oils, LLC Specialty: Soaps, Lotions & Oils Phone Number: 843-762-1230 Email:   Naturally Southern Soap Specialty: Handmade Soap Products Phone Number: 843-410-3250 Email:   Ocean Treasures Soaps Specialty: Soaps Phone Number: 843-884-1038 Email:   Great Hall Shops Paul Silva Gallery Specialty: Artwork Phone Number:  843- 849-0031 Email:   A Corner on the Market Specialty: Jewelry Products Phone Number: 843-722-1484 Email:   At Home Specialty: Home Decor Phone Number: 843-469-1573 Email:   Home Goods, Decorative Items, and Accessories Rewined Candles Specialty: Scented Candles Phone Number: 843-718-1171 Email:   La Provence Specialty: Tabletop Accessories Phone Number: 843-709-0716 Email:   Alley Art Specialty: Candles Phone Number: 843-814-6392 Email:   Jewelry Dantes925 Sterling Silver Jewelry Specialty: Sterling Silver Jewelry Phone Number: 843- 763-3665 Email:   B & E Antiques Specialty: Antique Jewelry Phone Number: 843-696-2796 Email:   Billy Buckner Specialty: Jewelry Products Phone Number: 843-588-9596   Market Vendors Gene Cardinal Specialty: Children’s Books Phone Number: 843-670-2171 Email:   Ling’s Imports, LLC Specialty: Tabletop Accessories Phone Number: 843-276-4799 Email:   Miner Metal Specialty: Recycled Metal Art Email:   Souvenirs Chinese Gifts Specialty: Oriental Products Phone Number: 843-475-1587 Email:   Coastal Accessories LLC Specialty: Souvenirs Items Email:   H & A Gifts Specialty: Oriental Accessories Phone Number: 843-628-8152 Email:   Specialty Shops Gold Creations Specialty: Fine Jewelry Phone Number: 843-577-4862 Email:   Heaven Scent Specialty: Soaps, Lotions & Oils Phone Number: 843-478-9945 Email:   Sweetgrass Baskets Barbara’s Sweetgrass Baskets Specialty: Sweetgrass Baskets Phone Number: 843-864-6000   Bev’s Sweetgrass Baskets Specialty: Sweetgrass Baskets Phone Number: 843-571-3908 Email:   Debra’s Sweetgrass Baskets Specialty: Sweetgrass Baskets Phone Number: 843-860-2638   Toys Amy’s Treasures Specialty: Stuffed Animals Phone Number: 843-708-7664 Email:   Creative Puzzles Specialty: Puzzles Phone Number: 843-670-7401 Email:   Wonder Works Specialty: Toys Phone Number: 843-577-2422 Email:   If you’ve been to the market, what was your favorite vendor?