Tissue ProblemsThe below question is answered by Charleston breast surgeon Dr. James Craigie ofThe Center for Natural Breast Reconstruction.What type of tissue problems should I expect after having radiation therapy post mastectomy and chemo? I have implants now, but will be having them removed and have a DIEP procedure. Thank you. Hello, If your implants will be removed then you should not expect problems with capsular contracture following radiation. Mainly these problems are related to your body’s rejection of the implant . The radiation will permanently affect the skin and others parts of your body that are treated with radiation. However when you recover from the radiation short term affects (usually 3-6months) you should be able to safely have a DIEP. Using your own tissue will give you the most natural permanent result without a high risk for problems due to radiation. When we know someone will need radiation following mastectomy this is our preferred method. I hope this helps let me know if you have additional questions. James Craigie, MD Center For Natural Breast Reconstruction

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