The time following a mastectomy(opens in a new tab) can be both physically and mentally painful. And while we believe that physical appearance isn’t the only factor that determines your beauty, we also know it plays a large role in your self-confidence. Many women find purchasing a post mastectomy bra helpful for this time period - below are some things to consider when making that decision.

What Are Post-Mastectomy Bras?

Post-Mastectomy bras are specially designed for women who’ve have had a surgical removal of one or both breasts. These post-surgery bras look and feel like normal bras, but have pockets inside the cup that hold a prosthesis in place. They provide a very natural look and feel to anyone wearing them.

Where Can I Find Post-Mastectomy Bras?

Believe it or not, you can find post-mastectomy bras almost anywhere. The next time you’re out shopping, stop into a JC Penney, Belk, or Soma store. If you’re having a hard time finding them in a store near you, ask your doctor. They should be able to direct you to the best place to find them.

What Do Post-Mastectomy Bras Cost?

Like any bra, the pricing fluctuates from store to store. The good news is that you can typically find a quality bra without breaking the bank as many stores carry different brands at a reasonable price. Don’t forget to check with your insurance company as well. Most companies cover the costs of these post-surgery garments. Give them a call and see what they will cover.

Support Other Breast Cancer Patients with a Bra Fitting

You can help support other women battling breast cancer. Every year across the country, Belk and Wacoal hold free bra fitting events. For every person that participates, $2 is donated to Susan G. Komen for breast cancer research. Don’t miss out on this event. Keep an eye on the website(opens in a new tab) to find out when this event is coming to your location.

Have you found a post-mastectomy bra that you love? Comment below where you found it!