“Are you contracted with my insurance company?”That’s always one of the first questions asked by our prospective patients. If your Blue Cross Blue Shield plan is a member of the “Blue Card” network then the answer is “YES” and you can rest assured there will be no surprises and you will get the best benefit available to you through our practice, our chosen hospital, and any ancillary services. We never utilize providers outside of the network for our Blue Cross Blue Shield patients.100 million members — 1-in-3 Americans - rely on Blue Cross Blue Shield companies for access to safe, quality, and affordable healthcare. Operating and offering healthcare coverage in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, the37 Blue Cross and Blue Shield companiescover 100 million Americans.  Nationwide, more than 96% of hospitals and 92% of professional providers contract with Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies — more than any other insurer.The Blues® currently serve 85% of Fortune 100 companies and 76% of Fortune 500 companies.  Moreover, the Blues have enrolled more than half of all U.S. federal workers, retirees and their families, making theFederal Employee Programthe largest single health plan group in the world.bluesHow can you tell if your plan is part of the “Blue Card” network?- Alpha Prefix – Three characters in the first position of the identification number.- Suitcase Iconee characters in the first  Here is how the program works:
  • We submit our claim to Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina (BCBSSC)
  • BCBSSC electronically forwards the claim to the patients home plan
  • Patients home plan verifies eligibility, applies benefits, and returns claim to BCBSSC
  • BCBSSC applies pricing according to our contract and sends remittance and payment to us
If you are still uncertain or if your card looks a little different than the sample here, just give us a call and we’ll be happy to check it out for you. We have insurance experts on staff that can answer these kinds of questions quickly and efficiently. Our office is contracted with most major insurers including United Healthcare, Cigna, Medicare, Aetna, Humana, Coventry and many, many more. We’ve never met an insurance company we couldn’t work something out with.Have a FANTASTIC DAY!Gail Lanter, CPCCenter for Natural Breast Reconstruction

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