When it comes to breast cancer therapy, there are many forms of recovery strategies and coping mechanisms. At The Center for Natural Breast Reconstruction, we’re all about hope…and we want breast cancer patients and their families to find it everywhere. Writing or journaling is a wonderful form of breast cancer therapy—a place to find the hope you need. When you tell your story, you begin to gain more clarity on what’s happening, and what you can do to recover faster and more efficiently. Writing as a form of breast cancer therapy enables you to share your story with others. If you don’t know how serious we are about this, simply plug a few search terms into Google, and you’ll find a wealth of breast cancer blogs that dive into rich personal narratives. As a breast cancer fighter, you’ll experience a flurry of emotions—some you expect and others you don’t. The stress of doctors’ appointments. The confusion surrounding breast cancer treatment options. The fear of losing the battle. The gratitude for those who support you. If you suffer from breast cancer, chances are that you are experiencing a cocktail of emotions and concerns. While our doctors are here for all your breast reconstruction needs, we also exist to help you recover emotionally. In fact, we’re simply an email away. Click here to ask our doctors any questions you want about breast reconstruction. So what will you write about? The choice is ultimately yours, but our suggestion is to put your story down on paper every day—even if your writing sessions last only a few minutes. If you or someone you care about has breast cancer, there is a story to tell… And our doctors and staff are here to usher you toward a happy ending. If you have questions about our breast reconstruction procedures and the various options available to you, don’t hesitate to reach out to our doctors. We’d love to hear your story...and our Facebook community would, too!

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