We’re thrilled to share some exciting news with you, today! Our very own Dr. Richard Kline and Dr. James Craigie, Charleston breast surgeons, were recently on ABC News 4 Ask the Experts Series. During this interview the doctors answer questions on air about natural breast reconstruction submitted by viewers . See below for the interview:


For those of you who aren’t aware of The Center for Natural Breast Reconstruction and what we do, here’s a brief description: Charleston plastic surgeons Dr. James Craigie and Dr. Richard Kline specialize in breast reconstruction for women who have undergone mastectomy and those who are considering risk reducing prophylactic surgery. Some of the procedures performed by these Charleston breast surgeons include DIEP, SIEA, and GAP free flap breast reconstruction, which utilize your own tissue with no implants and no muscle sacrifice. Our Charleston breast surgeons also perform nipple sparing mastectomy, reconstruction after lumpectomy, microsurgical breast reconstruction, and breast restoration. Visit our website today for more information.

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