pink-flower-1540614-1279x852This week, James E. Craigie, MD, of The Center for Natural Breast Reconstruction answers your question. Question: Hello, I am a Inflammatory Breast Cancer survivor. I live in Georgia, but I had all treatment and mastectomy atMD Anderson in Houston, TX. My doctors tell me I am ready to have reconstruction. They emphasized that the doctor I choose be experienced in reconstruction after radiation. I would like to know your experience in reconstruction after radiation. I had mastectomy July 10, 2014 and 36 rounds of radiation, some twice a day. Thank you.Answer:I am glad to hear that you have completed your treatments and are ready to proceed with your reconstruction. First, I would suggest that you consider breast reconstruction options that avoid implants. Implants after mastectomy and radiation are not likely to be a good long term result in general under those circumstances. Second, using your own tissue (fatty tissue from another area of your body) without sacrificing your body’s important muscles would be my recommendation in general under the circumstances you mentioned. Our practice has specialized in breast reconstruction using your body’s own tissue without sacrificing the  important muscles since 2002. We frequently treat people who have had radiation prior to their breast reconstruction. I am aware of MD Andersons extensive research regarding inflammatory breast cancer and I agree with their recommendations in general regarding the care of patients who have had inflammatory breast cancer. If you would like more information please let me know. My staff or I could contact you for more specific information. Thanks for your question!

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