8404745471_aa5de5fd5f_mThis week, James E. Craigie, MD, of The Center for Natural Breast Reconstruction answers your question. Question: I have had a natural breast reconstruction. I have several places in both breasts that are hard. I also have a hole in the right breast that needs tissue. Will the hard places soften as time goes by? I am considering having tissue taken from my groins to fill the cavity. I also have to have the tummy tuck closed. Please advise. Part of me is thinking to have all the tissue removed. The hard areas feel like armor. Thanks. What do you recommend? Answer: Thanks for your question, I’m sorry you’re having difficulties. How long ago did you have breast reconstruction? Have you had a second stage yet? If you had reconstruction with your own fatty tissue, sometimes some of the fat may not survive and can cause hard lumps. The lumps will soften with time but usually not completely go away  unless they are small. We usually remove any hard lumps at the second stage procedure about 3 months following the first surgery. If most of the fat is hard then sometimes we might need to add more fat to the breast to give it shape, or start over with tissue from another area. The thigh area is another possible area to get fat if needed depending on your situation. We avoid taking the groin muscles when we use the thigh fat to rebuild the breast. Let me know how long ago you had your surgery. Time may improve your situation and hopefully you won’t feel like you need to go back to having no breasts.

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