This week, James E. Craigie, MD, of The Center for Natural Breast Reconstruction answers your question.Question:I have had a double mastectomy Dec 2015. I did not rebuild. I went from a full c cup to flat or uneven bumpy. I am mutilated and was looking into perhaps "cleaning" up my chest by removing uneven skin and scars. I am trying to achieve a chest where I can use a prosthetic nipple. I do not want reconstruction. Your thoughts? Thank you.Answer:I’m sorry you have ended up with what sounds like an unsatisfactory result.It may well be possible to move closer to the result you seek, with a few caveats. Through a combination of skin and / or fat removal, and possibly fat grafting, it is often possible to achieve a smoother overall contour. While it is not generally possible to completely remove scars, sometimes they can be improved, both in appearance and position.I can’t really give you more information at this point, because specific recommendations beyond the above generalizations would depend heavily on your precise situation. Ideally, a prospective surgeon would be able see you in person, and then give his best estimate of what would be needed, and what might be the expected outcome.Hope this helps a little, have a great day!Have a question about breast reconstruction or post-surgical you’d like answered from our surgical team? Just ask!