This week, James E. Craigie, MD, of The Center for Natural Breast Reconstruction answers your question.Question:  I had bilateral nipple sparing surgery. I also had latissimus dorsi for my right breast with an attempt to pull fat from my stomach to fill in (there was very little). Now under my right arm is a roll of what appears to be fat and it feels like I have a ball under my arm. Also, my right breast is so small and very tight. The lipo attempt has left me with HUGE hard lumps and rolls that are very uncomfortable. It hurts to wear a bra or anything that has a band around me cause of the lumps and bumps. Prior to this my stomach was FLAT and actually nice. Now it is HIDEOUS! Since this was all due to having bc. I am looking for a brilliant Dr. who can smooth out my stomach and give me a breast that is actually there and doesn’t feel like like a baseball!!Answer: Thanks for your question.I’m sorry you have had so much trouble with our reconstruction. Sometimes people have problems under the arm such as you describe after a latissimus flap, and there are techniques which can improve this.What was done for your left breast?If you wish, we can have our nurse Chris or PA Kim call you to discuss your situation in more detail, just let us know

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