This week, James E. Craigie, MD, of The Center for Natural Breast Reconstruction answers your question.Question: Hello I am from NY and am having a very difficult time and I believe it is from my Saline Implants. I came across your site and am hoping you can advise. Since my implants in 1998, I've had severe hives, and now chronic eczema. Over the last 2 years I've had severe skin rashes, non-stop and an elevated white blood count for approx 15 years. I have always felt sick etc. Dr's are not sure why, and chalk up to allergies etc. I believe I am having low grade infection and sensitive to the implant and the chemicals attached to the silicone shell. I cannot find a Dr who is experienced with an explanation with an En Bloc in my area (I live far from city etc) My question is, is there any symptoms or literature that you know of that could correlate with what I am experiencing. Or is there any test to pinpoint that it could be from a mold or bacterial infection coming from implant. I do not have any fevers...just feeling generally unwell, high IGE count, and ALWAYS elevated WBC. I am desperate for any help. Thank you.Answer:  I’m sorry you are having problems. If your symptoms began when your implants were placed the best option may be to have your implants removed. If you begin to feel better then you know. Taking your implants out doesn’t mean you couldn’t have them placed again later if your problems are found to not be related. Many women need to have their implants removed and are pleasantly surprised that their breasts look better than they thought after the implants are removed. Thanks for your question.Have a question about breast reconstruction or post-surgical you’d like answered from our surgical team? Just ask!