Every year, we make resolutions to do better in an area of our lives—and most of the time, they’re forgotten by the end of January. Why not make a fun resolution this year? In 2014, resolve to…
  1. Eat one piece of good dark chocolate every day.
  2. Give and receive one hug and one kiss every day.
  3. Read one book for fun every month.
  4. Enjoy yourself on the weekends without worrying about work.
  5. Buy at least one bottle of wine you’ll enjoy (without worrying about the price tag).
  6. Tell one person you love him or her every day.
  7. Go outside and play at least once a week.
  8. Have a spa massage.
  9. Have a spa pedicure.
  10. Have a spa manicure.
  11. Have all three at once.
  12. Take your best friends out to dinner at least once.
  13. Allow them to take you out at least once.
  14. Buy yourself flowers for no reason.
  15. Buy that pair of earrings or that bracelet you’ve had your eye on.
  16. Eat ice cream. Whenever you like. For one week.
  17. Take up a new hobby. There’s something you’ve always wanted to try.
  18. Visit a state you’ve never been to.
  19. Point your car in one direction and drive for an hour. Stop the car, get out, and walk around. Just be in the moment and enjoy what you see.
  20. Play with a puppy or kitten.
  21. Play with a toddler.
  22. Turn up your radio and SING.
  23. Have a date night every week. If you’re single, have a date night a month with your friends.
  24. Listen and hear what people tell you.
  25. Open your heart to someone it was previously closed to.

What’s your New Year’s Resolution?